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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Goal – Deliver curriculum that clergy are exposed to in seminary to the person in the pew

Goal – Deliver curriculum that clergy experience in seminary to the person in the pew.  Princeton, Harvard and Yale were all founded by churches and have highly regarded seminaries to this day.  My own denomination is heavily connected to Princeton Theological Seminary and the current pastor at Moorings is a Princeton graduate.  Attempting to provide a postgraduate seminary curriculum to the congregation might seem impossible but Theological Center in Naples has been doing just that for at least two decades.    

Modern Biblical scholarship uses all of the modern sciences.  Archeology, astronomy, physics (carbon 14 dating, creation myths and astrophysics), linguistics, history, critical literary analysis, numismatics, biology including DNA analysis of scrolls made out of animal skins.  I will keep the focus and the academic rather than the religious which is what the subject is really all about. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Bible Scholarship Class Kickoff a Success!

 Dear Fellow Seekers!

We are excited to be teaching Biblical Scholarship again, and it is a delight to share this curriculum with such eager, well educated adults!

For those of our class who did NOT make it today, including our snowbirds who have yet to make their annual autumn paradise pilgrimage from the chilly north, handouts are available via email. 

Bring your favorite study bible, and your handouts folder, invite those who may also enjoy this exploration as we dig more deeply into HOW our scriptures were assembled, and their relevance for us today.

Feel free to call or email us in between classes with questions which may arise.
Looking forward to being with you again next Sunday.

Blessings! Bunny<>Sam Sewell


Friday, September 18, 2015

Biblical Exploration Class - Free Adult Education Opportunity


Free Adult Education Opportunity
beginning Sunday October 4th
11:15 to noon – Q and A After
(childcare provided)

The Theological Center in Naples and Moorings Church
invites you to attend a Sunday Morning
Ongoing Biblical Exploration Class
starting with Genesis, led by Sam and Bunny Sewell
TCN is an educational institution not a church

What is Biblical Exploration? It is not a devotional Bible Study,
but rather an academic study of the historical writings of various theologically diverse biblical scholars  (evangelicals, Catholics, mainline protestants, Jewish academics and secular historians.)

What Text is used for this study? The primary source for this extensive curriculum is the twelve volume Interpreter’s Bible. Each volume of this series, used for study/discussion, covers two or more books of the Old and New Testaments, and is a study resource found in the Moorings Church Strozier Library. Bring your Bible.

Facilitators Sam and Bunny Sewell have offered their training and knowledge to the public for more than two decades. Rev. Sam is President of the Theological Center in Naples. 

Classes (open to the public) are held each Sunday at Moorings Church Campus in the Strozier Library, 
791 Harbour Dr, 1 block west of 41

        Register by contacting the Sewells
239/591-4565  or  bunnysam@bestselfusa.com

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Biblical Exploration at Moorings Church

Biblical Exploration at Moorings Church
Click for full view!

Monday, August 17, 2015

18th Annual Lenten Soup for the Soul Luncheon Series.

Theological Center in Naples


The Theological Center in Naples would like to invite you to participate in the 18th Annual Lenten Soup for the Soul Luncheon Series. These community wide gatherings continue to be an inspiring time of fellowship for congregants of the greater Naples area, during which we have the opportunity to break bread and pray together, share ideas with members of other congregations, and hear inspiring messages from area pastors.

This year we are attempting to allow more lead time, so churches can mark these dates on their church calendars for the upcoming season.

The 2016 Passion Season for many churches begins on Ash Wednesday February 10,
culminating in the Easter Celebration on Sunday, March 27th, 2016.

Lenten Soup for the Soul will again assemble for a midday bowl of Soup and a message for the Soul on the six intervening Wednesdays-
          February 17th
          February 24th
          March 2nd
          March 9th
          March 16th  (Collier Co Spring Break-No School)
          March 23rd  

We would like for churches who have the capacity to host a luncheon (our attendance has been running @ 70-90) to be able to schedule a date that fits into your calendar. Those churches who wish to participate but do not have dining room facilities may wish to partner with host churches in providing a pot of soup or a platter of cookies.

If you would like to reserve one of these dates, please contact Bunny Sewell, bunnysam@bestselfusa.com or call 591-4565 for more information. Once the dates are confirmed, we will be able to announce the speakers, and send more details.

We thank those churches and speakers who have participated in the past, and covet your prayers as we look forward to another season of blessings!

In His Service
Rev Sam Sewell, President
Theological Center In Naples

The Theological Center in Naples
is committed to religious education and outreach among communities of faith

while fostering dialog, tolerance, and harmony.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Biblical Scholarship Course ~ Open to the Public - Mooring Presbyterian

Do you miss Adult Sunday School?
JOIN US – beginning Sunday October 4th, 2015
Biblical Scholarship Course ~ Open to the Public

Moorings Adult Christian Education Committee, in conjunction with the Theological Center in Naples, is pleased to announce that Sam and Bunny Sewell have again volunteered to lead a Sunday Morning Biblical Exploration Class. Here is your opportunity to grab a cup of coffee after the 10AM service, then join Sam and Bunny in the Strozier Library from 11:15 to Noon, to discover how our Bible was written, how scholars reconcile apparent inconsistencies,  to strengthen your faith by learning how the Bible applies to us today, and still have time to meet your friends for brunch afterward!

Biblical Scholarship is not the same thing as Bible Study. This Biblical Scholarship Program aims to provide a curriculum similar to that which is taught to clergy at accredited seminaries. This unique adult education opportunity was attended  last season by Moorings regulars as well as several others from our community at large. It will include an optional Q/A period after the class, for those who are interested.  The Sewell’s have been teaching Biblical Scholarship in Naples for more than two decades. There is no tuition for this class, however free will offerings are appreciated.

The primary resource for this extensive curriculum is the twelve volume Interpreter’s Bible. Obviously, participants will not be required to provide their own text books. Just show up with
 your own Bible, a note pad, pen or pencil, and highlighters. Sam and Bunny own the digital software of the Interpreter’s Bible, as well as the twelve volume set. The Interpreter’s Bible is also available in the Moorings Presbyterian Church Library. The contributors to the study materials are leading Biblical scholars who bring a wealth of fresh perspectives to Biblical interpretation. The contributors are also theologically diverse, reflecting a wide range of Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish backgrounds. Join us each Sunday to grow in your faith & knowledge of God’s Word.

Register in the foyer at Moorings Presbyterian, 791 Harbour Dr (1 block west of 41)

or contact Sam and Bunny  bunnysam@bestselfusa.com  239-591-4565

Thursday, April 2, 2015


HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE - The seventeenth Lenten Soup for the Soul series is complete. Thanks to the members and staff of Theological Center in Naples.